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Balloon Group

Original and 2nd quality  is produced.

It is an economical packaging material that is obtained by compressing air symmetrically between two polyethylenes with the help of heat treatment and thus gains shock absorbing properties and provides protection against damages such as impact, scratch, friction and crushing.
It is used in many areas from cargo transportation to insulation.

Main Features of Bubble Nylon Packaging Film

  • It protects the products from impact, scratch, impact, dusting, moisture, friction, electrification, vibration and crushing.

  • Scratches can be prevented by using it as a single coat on surfaces.

  • Fragile parts can be protected from impacts by wrapping them in multiple layers.

  • With bubble nylon produced from anti-static pe material, static charge is prevented in sensitive electronic devices.

  • It can be used to fill the gaps between products.

  • It saves space with its thin structure.

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