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PE Silt

Although PE Roll is the top quality product of PLASSAN, it is produced entirely from original LDPE (low density polyethylene) raw material.

Although it can be produced in desired colors and sizes according to customer demand, alternatives from recycling raw materials are also offered if requested. PE Roll is a packaging product used in packaging, stocking and shipping of all products in general.

  • Our production range for PE Coil is minimum 20 cm -maximum 400 cm (800 cm one side opens).

  • PE. Roll or PE Film is produced as closed (both sides closed), PE film as single open (one side open), PE film as sheets (both open side).

  • PE. Rolls are also produced as printed, in line with demands.

  • We can also produce PE Rolls as Perforated (with Velcro closure).

  • We can also produce Perforated PE Rolls according to the request of our customers.

Usage Areas of PE Bag

  • It is used in the packaging and shipment of food packages with PE Rolls.

  • Nylon Roll It is used in agricultural packaging and shipment.

  • PE Roll is used in products in the construction industry.

  • Pe Nylon Roll Chemical industry is used for packaging and shipping products.

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