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Shrink Film

It is produced from low density polyethylene.  In all products that can be packaged, it is made by shrinking the nylon with heat treatment and wrapping the products.

packaging type.

Shrink Roll Film Application

The shrink film (thickness-size) determined according to the size and weight of the material to be packaged is wrapped around the material to be packaged and subjected to heat treatment. The shrink film, which receives the heat during this process, gives a transverse and longitudinal shrinkage response. Thanks to this reaction, the material is completely wrapped. After this process, the film freezes and is tightly wrapped on the material.

Shrink Film Production Features

  • Perforated  Shrink Film Production is done.

  • Perforated Shrink Film Production is done.

  • Our Shrink Roll Film Production Dimensions are from 20 cm to 295 CM.

  • Shrink Roll production thickness is between 50 MIC and 150 MIC.

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